Taylor Swift Diet Plan and Exercises

Taylor Swift

Taylor Alison Swift famously known as Taylor Swift, was born on 13 December, 1989. She is known for her work as a singer and songwriter. She is the most loved singer, she mostly narrates her own song based on her own life. At 14, she moved to Nashville to make her career in music. She was the youngest artist to signed up by Sony music publishing house. Her first album topped the list of Billboard 200 in 2000. Her third single made her the first female to write and perform a song. Her album fearless became best selling album. The album won Grammy Awards.


She commenced her acting debut with Valentins day. She has won numerous awards and including Guinness World Records. She has been named under most influential people in the world by Time’s and 100 most powerful women by Forbes. She was ranked one in “Celebrity 100”.

Taylor swift, has a hell lot of time claimed that she is not a person who just wants to be a lean but she wants to be healthy and slim at the same time. She is foodie at heart and a cook by nature, she loves eating and cooking equally. She firmly addressees her fans saying that the idea of either eating less or starving in  form of crash diet. Because these forms of diets makes you eat more later and it’s more harmful than eating fully. However Taylor is lucky enough to be lean genetically, but it’s better to think that a girl who is lean to be choosy at table. She makes sure that her diet is full of required nutrients and proteins. She openly admits that she has a habit of eating more and thus she workouts even harder.

Taylor Swift Diet Plan and Exercises

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She has some rule set for her diet that’s mentioned below:

She keeps her weekdays as light as possible because light food doesnot add oodles of calories but it adds the needed energy and keeps you energetic enough to take the workload. Recording eats most of her day, so she needs to keep herself charged and pumped with hygenic as well as healthy food.

Her meals are quite similar to Beyonce’s Lemonade Diet Plan

-Salads (with cucumber, sprouts, spring onions, no creamy or cheesy content). 

– Yogurts (unflavoured if purchased from supermarket or she even prefers putting natural flavour by adding fruits into homemade yogurt).

-Sandwiches (of Turkey and mushroom).

The degree of adherence with whicb she follows her diet is the same with which she waits for her weekends as she celebrates them as Cheat days. She spends her weekend as gorging on food of her choice and that is embraced by her tongue. She has a softcorner for food like burgers and fries which is obviously fatal but they come to her rescue during this diet. Apart from them she even bakes bakery products like cookies and ice cream cakes and then she can’t keep her hands off. Baking is also her hobby.

Her understanding of life and health is beyond words, she truly respects the fact that one should worship their body but also satisfy their tongue.

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