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Frisbees, parkour and Zumba may appeal to schoolchildren switched off by traditional frisco maid service, the report affirms. Photograph: Frank Baron for that Guardian

Ministers’ insistence on competitive team sports activities will alienate schoolchildren as an alternative to tackling their less active lifestyles, warns a report that was unveiled by Boris Johnson and Mo Farah.

Frisbees, cheerleading and other grooving should instead provide to engage young adults in physical activity who’re turned off by traditional school sports activities, the Young Base thinktank argues.

“An epidemic regarding inactivity” among all age brackets is costing the british isles £8. 2bn 12 months, “threatens the health and wellbeing of millions” and may lead to young adults dying five years prior to when their parents, this report claims. Though the government’s maid service in frisco strategy for encouraging young adults to be lively is misguided, it says.

“The increased exposure of traditional, competitive team-based sports is otherwise engaged of line while using the way many young adults want to be involved. The overriding increased exposure of competitive sports are at odds with this motivations and drivers of the majority of the young people who’re currently inactive, ” according to the report, which will fast fresh debate on the obvious way to capitalise on the legacy from the London Olympics.

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It designated the coalition’s new School Games effort, which is depending on competition and has been introduced after Michael Gove, the education secretary, sparked an upset backlash by scrapping this dedicated money educational institutions in England received to boost sport, as an illustration of this the wrong “focus on orthodox, competitive sport”. David Cameron recently clarified his view that competitive team as well as individual sports need to be central to this planned new key school PE curriculum and they would inspire to look at part.

It will call for all pupils throughout England to be a part of competitive team sports activity.

Gove and Jeremy Search for, culture secretary within this summer’s Games ahead of becoming health secretary for also stress the benefit of competition. The prime minister angered teachers’ commanders and sports experts by deriding young people doing “Indian dance” as workout.

Will Norman, co-author from the report and this thinktank’s director regarding research, said: “Kids wish to accomplish much more everyday sports like avenue running of the parkour and Zumba-type activities which are very flexible, is possible wearing different kinds of clothing or while hearing music and is possible individually. Competitive sports is useful for some people. But if we should get the many inactive active, we have to change our pondering. We need the philosophy that’s driven by the people we want to target and not provide stuffs that the most inactive don’t wish to accomplish. ”

Farah, Crew GB’s double Olympic platinum medallist at 5, 000m as well as 10, 000m, said parents and teachers shouldn’t force children to perform sports they did not wish to accomplish. Any physical exercise that got young adults into the pattern of exercise was ideal for their health, he said, citing their daughter Rihanna’s personal preference for dance as well as gymnastics over athletics or other typical university sports.

Johnson, London’s Tory gran, helped launch this report and good its findings but wouldn’t endorse them, the spokeswoman said.

The us government defended its method. “We want this Olympics and Paralympics for you to inspire people, whatsoever their ability, to get involved in sport, ” claimed a spokeswoman. “We want more young adults to be a part of competitive sport, not only so that they lead healthy as well as active lifestyles and also so they produce new skills and learn to work as the team, ” claimed a spokeswoman. “That is why we have been putting competitive sport in the centre of the new primary school curriculum and extending university games. “