Happy Birthday Poems


Birthdays are special occasions and when it is your turn to wish your near and dear ones you plan the best surprises possible and the best presents to be gifted. You not only turn mad at planning parties but, also wish them with the best. So here we have a list of short poems that can surely make your near ones cry over your love for them because poems are the best ways to express love and emotions.Make sure to gift them a chocolate along with your love, blessings and wishes.

Lovely Poems And Sayings

  1. Happy birthday my sweet sis,

I wish you this day with hugs and kiss.

May you fight with me for long

Oh! Why is this becoming a song

I am not becoming sweet to you

But just want some chocolates from you

For you know I am like this only

And will never make you feel lonely.

Fight with me or share something

But please do not convey mum anything.

Take this gift and have some fun

But I know you will like none.


  1. Happy birthday dad!

There’s nothing I can give you dad

But be a sweet daughter and a bit bad.

I know it’s from your money,

But I have got to gift something funny,

a fake moustache and a muffin

but believe me it’s from within.

I know these lines will make you sob

But as a dad you are really doing a great job.

I love you and will never let you down

But please can you buy me that Hallmark crown?


  1. Happy birthday my sweet mom!

I know the first time I gave you a gift,

You gave me a hug very swift,

You said there was no need of it,

But, I wanted to do my bit.

That day you offered me to cut the cake

And I just cut the one you made.

Today is your day mom

Do nothing and break the norm

Live for yourself and enjoy

And don’t just work like a toy

Go on and celebrate the day

My mum, I wish you a very Happy Birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday my friend.

When will you treat me,

Please let me know the trend.

I have a ton of surprises lined up for you

But I want a sweet and loving hug from you.

May all your wishes com out to be true

With you desire of dancing on that rue.

I wish you a very happy birthday my best friend

And wish to have some more till the end.

Celebrate and enjoy to the fullest

Because it is the day of the cutest.


  1. Happy birthday my dear daughter,

Who has always been the best potter.

I love your cravings and your play

Because you are the gift from the main.

I thank the god for such a beautiful soul

Who has made me go rock and roll.

Never wished for a better you

Because you remain to be the best version of you.

Birthday Wishes For Brother

This one bond has no meaning, no love, no sharing, no kindness but it all comes when someone else intervenes in between them. Yes, you guessed it so right that we are talking about the bond shared by ” Siblings”. We can surely 24*7 curse our brothers but we all are so possessive once these curse come from someone else, as we own some sole right. Similarly you know that they also might be very busy in cursing you but a soft side of your heart loves him so dearly and you need a reason to spill it out. Here is his birthday, you can try out the following on his special card:

Top Wishes And Quotes

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  • I always loved you so much Bro, despite you were picked from a bin, okay kidding that’s my firm righ, don’t you dare to forget. Happy birthday.
  • Your birthday was always a good day as even I got a new outfit. Many many happy birthday brother.
  • Birthday bouncer, no matter what is the size of the brother he will always act as a bouncer to her sister, thanks for being always there to protect and pamper me.
  • Birthdays are special because it’s all yours, I will make sure that this day parents would give you attention and not me like always. Very happy birthday the big man.
  • It’s birthday and it’s of my parents least favourite child, still we will make sure that you don’t feel let out like always, after all its just one day.
  • Hey My pretty prince, very happy birthday everyone comes with a heart but you came with a golden version of it and it has never let us down, being the eldest your sacrifices were all your duty but you did a good job and I am proud of it. Trust me my love for you has no bound just like your capacity to sacrifice.
  • Hey its your birthday, look look you are aging, reaching to       your grey locks and silver teeth, no matter what you look like down the line of few years or many, you will always be that man whom I called my smarty. Love you loads and two loads on your Birthday.
  • All the brothers are same a mix of irritation, anger, over protective and over possessive but you have always been there to understand       me and made sure that I can count on you, I am sorry if I did it often cause I was supposed to do more and more often, wish me luck for the next time, till them Happy birthday love
  • Birthdays are very special, especially when they belong to you Bro, your charm has always driven though you look very ugly, okay kidding my handsome. Wish you some fair and lovely endorsement on your birthday, wait fair and handsome.
  • If you wouldn’t have turned off my television serials and made me watch some sports, I wouldn’t have realised how dearly I am interested in them, there are several examples where you were the reason for igniting the spark. I am thank you and sorry if by any chance I missed on giving you the due credit you deserved. I thought of your birthday as the best day to succumb to the fact that how dear you are to me.

Birthday Message For Mother

Dear mum,

I know you haven’t heard from me for a while. I know I’ve been busy. I know I haven’t been there when you needed me, I should have been. But today when I woke up, I only had one thing in my mind, you.

Happy birthday mum, I might not be able to express how much you mean to me in mere words, so I would want to, by my actions. I got so lost in this race of life, that I forgot to sit back and enjoy the little moments I’ve had. Like when you used to feed me with your own hands when I was busy or wake up late with me when I was studying. Oh how I despised those daily soap operas you used watch on the television and I had to miss my show for it.


How we used to fight on every little thing but at night I couldn’t sleep unless you held me. Oh how mad you used to get when I came late back home. I saved your number as “Danger” in my phone. Partly because I was scared and partly because I wanted to be cool in front of my friends.

Funny Blessings and Messages

Oh how I regret it now. Remember the first time I ever smoked, I couldn’t meet your eyes. I knew you knew. But you still just hugged me and said you didn’t want to lose me to a stupid habit, I haven’t lit a cigarette since then. I was so busy running behind the materialistic things in life that I forgot to feel the real things.

Oh how sorry I am for that. We’re all cosmic dusts and energies just like stars, we’re all a mess but you’re a beautiful one. You’re so calm and composed even when you have so much going inside you. You’re the brightest star in my universe. And I wish I was half the person you are.  I know you’re wondering why I’m being so nostalgic but it’s because I miss you and I want you to know how special you are to me. I want you to know that even though I’ve never said it, I will always be grateful to you. Beautiful Gifts and Cards

ilu mom

I am what I am because of you. Not a single day goes by when I don’t miss the little things you used to do for me. For all the sacrifices you’ve made, for all the hardships you’ve gone through because of me, thank you mum.  I miss you so much and would like to make it up to you. I’d like to take you for dinner tonight and I promise to not be late. You’re the centre of my universe and even if I could make your day half as amazing as you are, I’d be happy. I promise to be there. I love you mum, happy birthday once again.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes and Greetings

You can feel the essence of happiness when you wish someone a happy birthday and when you are late you can probably sniff the anger. So here we present you a small list of belated birthday wishes that will help you bring back the lost smile on your near and dear ones.


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  1. A very happy belated birthday to my friend. This birthday wish is a bit late and is intentional so that I could irritate you, but you remain to succeed in this game as always. But, the surprise is still waiting for you and am damn hungry to grab the cake.
  2. Belated happy birthday Humpty Dumpty! Sorry for the late birthday wishes. May you remain to be such a plump and cute person forever and may you be blessed with the best.
  3. I am expecting a slash at my face for not wishing you birthday on time. Happy birthday stupid. May you fulfill all your dreams and wishes and may the blessings of god shower on you.
  4. Happy belated birthday Aunt! I am really sorry as I could not wish you yesterday due to some network problems. I hope you enjoyed the birthday bash thoroughly. All the best for a beautiful life ahead.
  5. I am so very sorry for not reaching on time. I hope my late birthday wish will not bother you. Happy belated birthday is all I can say at this moment and wish you a beautiful life ahead. Hope to meet you soon.
  6. Happy birthday to my favorite person or a happy belated person who must be very angry with me. To my hearty and bear like grandpa, I love you the most and I am really sorry for not wishing you on time. Hope you enjoyed you sugar free birthday cake. Lots of love and a big hug.
  7. The only way I can apologize for wishing you late on your birthday is to say happy belated birthday. I was stuck in some problem and just forgot to wish you. I know you must be feeling bad, but I am sorry. Wishing you a wonderful life full of adventure and laughter ahead.
  8. I am expecting no answer back at this birthday message because it is a belated birthday now. But you know how special you are to me and there is no third person who can come between our friendship. The bond we share is the strongest and the craziest and for me every day is your birthday. So today is your happy birthday and wishing you a crazy life ahead. All the best!
  9. Belated birthday wishes to my princess. I am sorry young girl for the late birthday wish. All I can lure you is by gifting you your favorite doll which is ready and packed for you. May you bloom like this forever.
  10. Belated happy birthday to the cute little boy who has always been the reason to my laughter. Sorry for reaching you late on your birthday and for this I can probably allow you to eat all my candies.

Birthday Quotes For Sisters

Hey sister,You are the fire brigade of my life. You save me from all my problems. Your phone number is the most reliable helpline number I can dial, because I know you will always be there for me. No matter what the situations are in the surroundings or between us, I know you will stand by me and help me face my problems. I am so blessed and delighted to have a sister like you. I cherish your presence with me. Happy birthday to the “saviour of my life”. Thank you so much and I love you too much.

Wishes and Quotes For Sister :


I know how much annoying and irritating I am but the way you handle me with care patience and love is something that no one else can do. I know how we keep on fighting like Tom and Jerry, but just like they cannot live without each other our lives too are incomplete without each other. Down inside our hearts we love each other the most and care for each other. You know I love you sister. Now be on earth, don’t start flying. This was all a lie for your birthday. 😛 Happy birthday dear sister.

Regardless of how much you grow up, where you go? , The place you live. I will always love you more than anyone else and care for you like I do now my cute, small, little sister. Happiest birthday wishes to you on your special day.

Dear sibling,You know you are the weirdest and the most irritating creature on this planet. I know all you embarrassing secrets, but you know I will keep all of these secrets buried inside me. Always between me and you till the death departs us, and till then pretend like you are the best person I have in my life. Okay so it’s your birthday today. Happiest birthday wishes to you my loving sister.


You are like fevicol. Stuck to me, where ever I go, you want to come with me.Whatever I eat you too want to eat that with me.Whatever I do you want to do that with me.Whatever I wear you want to wear that same thing. Congo For openeing the best baking course in delhi.

I don’t know what the hell your problem is but I know this that I have a loving, cute little adorable sister. Happy birthday to my “best friend and family”.

Girls do shopping but you go hopping from here to there across the house making me head pain. Girls do makeup but you fix up things at me in the last minutes or waking up all night to finish the works I committed for so that I can get a goodnight sleep.My sister, I love you the most. Happy birthday! Were not these the Most Beautiful SMS And Sayings